Why dose the MB Star C5 be worth to buy ?

MB SD Connect Compact 5 has same function as SD C4 but with new design, support both cars and trucks, support wireless connection.

Many customers give feedback to Benz C5,They said the MB SD Connect C5 is verified working well.

The MB Star C5 Function have no difference with SD C4 ,But the performance is better,so if you want to buy new MUX ,you can buy MB STAR C5,And SD Connect C5 has been test by many customer, work well. And Both C5 ,C4 use same software ,now the newest software version is 2021.09

The MB Star C5 can support all current and new coming MB vehicles .But the mb star C3  just can support old Mercedes Benz cars manufactured after year 2000 .

SD Connect MB Star C3 is much better for the old Mercedes Benz and support truck speed limited function (other tools cannot do it)

Mercedes C5 Support wifi connection and latest Xentry SSD Software installed well in Mercedes C5.SD Connect C5 including DOIP protocol and work with new W222 Mercedes.MB Star C5 support online SCN coding with dealer account.

If you want to learn more ,you can connect with us: sales@obdii.shop .or search on our store directly: www.obdii.shop .



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