How to reset the fuel mixture adaptations for Mercedes ME9.7

This article will show you I will show you how to reset the mixture adjustments for Mercedes ME9.7 with MB Star SD C4 / Star C5.

Why need to reset the fuel mixture adaptations?

After preventive work, such as cleaning the injectors and cleaning the throttle valve, which influenced the mixture formation, you must therefore reset the adjustments.

Step-by-step Guide:

Go to the engine block + actual values + adaptation data + self-adaptation mixing.

Control unit coding + learning initiation process + reset adaptation data.

Click on “F2” and then “Start”.

Then “F1”, the ignition is off and on. Coding through the openport.

Press “F1” to check the details.

Self-adaptation in the idle range, the right and left row shows 0,00 as it is in percent.

Self-adaptation in the upper range of partial loads, right and left shows 1, this is in caificents.

Alright, for any question, contact at, and if you need MB Star SDC4 / Star C5, also contact them.

Thank you all and good luck on the road.

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