VCDS Software VAG COM V19.6.2 Free Download And Install Guide

VCDS interface for AUDI/VW/SKODA/SEAT newly update to VCDS software V19.6.2. Multi-language VCDS software V19.6.2 with software license valid and activated . OBDII.SHOP share you VCDS interface software V19.6.2 software free download and detail install guide.

VCDS Interface V19.6.2 VCDS Software Overview:

1. Software version: V19.6.2 Fit with any version with original software,Only English version update to V18.9.1 , other languages are V18.9.0 at present.

2. Update:Software Update Online,Hardware update automatic when work with newer version software

3. Support Language: Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Czech, polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovenia, Romania.

4. Operate System:win xp/win7/win8/win10

5. Support Vehicle :For AUDI,For VW,For SKODA,For Seat



1.V19.6.2 VCDS software only fit with V-CDS interface.

2.Software need to active before use

3.Pls close your anti-virus software when install or running

V19.6.2 VCDS Download

V18.9.1 VCDS Download!yOAHXKib!wYX4o6YYdxaBA1gugxUlhwQ5_liMEpZMZBVqmr42sOc

V18.9.0 VCDS Download!nYhD1ABY!RBIwT-rOfBozjMB3NygFWUnlUMEZZAJts3UVvdVCdMM

Click here to get latest V19.6.2 VCDS interface support update

How To Install Origianl Plan VCDS Software ?

1.Double Click and Install the VCDS software, No need to connect the cable now

(you can choose the English version or Chinese version )

2.Choose “yes”


6. next



8.After you finish the software here , pls DO NOT open the VCDS software at once.
Continue to install “VCDS Loader Eva v1.1 Setup”

(If your software installed before is English , pls install the English one Loader, if yours is Chinese one ,pls install the Chinese one loader)



12.Click “Register hardware “ to register

13.Gernerate the register file

14 .Pls connect the VCDS cable

15 .After connect well the VCDS cable , click the “Generate registration request”, it will showed the location of the “registration ” (desktop recommend)
Then send this registration on desktop to your seller to help to finish the register , and he will send back a new file to you .

16.After you received the new registration , save it on desktop , then choose “Register”

17.Choose the new registration which seller send to you , Click “open “

18.Click “ OK”

19 .Choose “Start VCDS “

20.Every time you need to open the vcds software, you need to run the “VCDS LOADER” software , then click “Start VCDS”


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