GM MDI2 without Software Connection Issues Fixed

Buyer :
Hello wonderful people at!
I received my order, downloaded software and made sure all software were up to date. I plugged the MDI 2 to my car and to my laptop, but I can NOT get the MDI 2 to connect to the laptop or computer. On the MDI 2, the car icon flashes, then laptop icon flashes, then the device beeps, then only the power light stays on, but no connection. I tried restarting the MDI Manager app and reconnecting the device multiple times, in different orders. I also powered up the device with another power source but no connection still.

I understand the devices have been tested before shipping, but is the computer connection a part of testing?
I need your help please! I appreciate your time and business!
Thank you,
Kevin Aziz

hello , We checked your order that you didnt buy the software from our website , so we cant make sure the problem is for hardware or software , please check

Buyer :
I figured out the connection issue! It was a software problem.
The Bosch website had separated the MDI Manager, the MDI old software and the MDI 2 newest software to 3 different downloadable links.
I downloaded the MDI Manager and the newest version software (v9.1.1766.85) on the Bosch website because it said it was for the MDI2.
The device was not detected by any computers with the newest software, so I downloaded the older MDI version (v8.5.33.154) then it was detected.
If other customers have the same issue, ask them to download the MDI Manager and the MDI software (v8.5.33.154). If that doesn’t work, ask them to download the MDI2 software (v9.1.1766.85) as well and the device should be detected.
Thanks anyways for your time and trying to help!
Thank you,

OK , Thanks for your support and solutions , more request in future , welcome to check or contact us by email directly



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