V2021.6 Xentry DAS win10 X64 version Download, Setup and Activation

What’s new of V2021.6 Xentry DAS Mercedes-Benz diagnostic software win10 X64 version:

V2021.6 Xentry DAS, long registration code, can diagnose buses and trucks, supports the login-free diagnosis of new models such as 213 and 257, and supports the diagnosis of the HHT software of the old models of 140 and other models.

Maintenance Information WIS 2020.10

Accessory query EPC 11.2018: open the data card, you can query the price of accessories in USD and EUR

StarFinder 2016 and 2020
PL72 Accessories Price Inquiry 01.2018
SDmedia offline 01. 2014
Engineer version Vediamo 5.01.01
DisassembyAssistant disassembly assistant software
Selit Service Literature 1.4

Increase the engineer version DTS 8.16.15, the latest 2019 data:
1. Fix the bug that Mercedes-Benz DAS cannot directly call WIS
2. Add the DAS car smart offline programming
3. Add the DAS stand-alone version of W204 , which can perform variant coding (German), and has better functions than Vediamo
4. Add DAS special function to enter PKW and SMART without password
5. Repair SMART 450, 451, 452, 454 no longer need TAN Calculator, all are done offline
6. Add offline EOL and VMAX all LKW, modify the maximum speed limit of trucks
7. Lift the NOx TORGUE restrictionfor truck withoutFDOK XT calculation code, directly lifts the legal speed limit, and can be modified without special functions
8. Clear the SCR/ADBLUE fault code (MR)for truckwithout FDOK XN calculation code,
9. Addthe prototyp mode of DAS 212, 207

Reliable source of V2021.6 Xentry DAS Win10 version:

– V2021.6 Xentry HDD 500GB Win10
– V2021.6 Xentry SSD 512GB Win10 (SSD is much more stable)

Compatible with:
sdconnect c4 plus
Mercedes Benz C6
MB SD Connect Compact 5

Installation & Activation Mercedes-Benz Xentry DAS V2021.6:

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