MB SD Connect C4 Xentry Online Update Connection Failed Solution

Here is the working solution to MB star diagnostic system SDConnect C4 Xentry online update Connection failed problem.

Problem goes like this:

I got the 06/2021 500G xentry hard drive for mb sd connect c4 doip. However, it failed to connect with network.

Reported an error “online update Connection failed. The connection attempt has failed.”


The error may be caused by wrong IP setting.

If connect SD C4 with WiFi, you should set IP address automatically.

If connect C4 via USB, manually set IP to

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Then connect c4 via WiFi.

Follow this way:

Go to Network Connections – Ethernet – Right-click Properties – select Internet Protocol Version 4 (ICP/IPv4) –
use the following IP address:

and save.

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