How to use Yanhua Solderless Adapter with Digimaster 3

Here, OBDII.SHOP will share you How to Reset Dashboard by Yanhua Digimaster 3 with Solder-free Adapter for VW Bora 2009 step-by-step.


Connect solderless adapter to Yanhua Digimaster 3

Then use cheap clip or punches okay connect the trips and the yanhua sublease adapter

The red line need to match pin one of the chip

Select the corresponding chip models through “choose” on the adapter

My dashboard computer is from 2009 Volkswagen Bora and chip number is 24C32

So l’m gonna choose 24xxx then press test. start pin detection.

If the pin detection fails, please adjust chip clip and press test again.

When Pass the pin detection, connect the adapter and digimaster3

Choose meter system -> Europe -> Volkswagen -> Bora -> 18G920826

Then Choose 2009 and next

Check the original mileage, press YES

Save the original data

Now we can program new mileage

Choose OK

Program new data sucessed!

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