Toyota Vios 2019 93C46 Mileage Correction with Digimaster 3

Yanhua digimaster3 is a very good mileage programmer for Japanese cars, especially Toyota, some supports till year 2020/2021. All EEPROM job. Here is an example on correcting odometer on a Toyota Vios MB91F061BS instrument dashboard eeprom 93c46.

Go to Toyota and then Vios

Digimaster 3 will give you the wiring diagram


Connect the meter and the CPU socket of digimaster iii ICP adapter according to the wiring diagram correctly

Backup data when writing DFLASH

D3 reads current kilometer is 43825KM

Confirm current mileage by pressing Yes

Manual enter mileage you desired, i.e 15345KM

Writing data until completed.

Check new mileage after correction.

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