How to Assemble Exhaust Manifold for John Deere PowerTech Engine

Assembling an exhaust manifold for a John Deere PowerTech 9.0 L OEM diesel engine involves a specific set of steps. Please ensure you have the necessary tools and components before starting. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

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1. Install Port Liners: Install six port liners (A) onto the cylinder head. These liners and guide pins will prevent the gaskets from rotating during assembly.

2. Install Guide Pins: Insert six guide pins into the cylinder head, specifically in the top cap screw hole of each port.

3. Install Gaskets: Place gaskets (B) over the guide pins and port liners, ensuring the tab is pointing downwards. Position one sealing ring joint at the 3:00 position and the other at the 9:00 position, as viewed when mounted on the engine.

4. Install Sealing Rings on Front Manifold: Attach two new sealing rings (C) to the front manifold (D).

5. Install Pressure Port Fitting (If Necessary): If required, install the pressure port fitting (E) into the front manifold. The torque specification for the Pressure Port Fitting to Front Exhaust Manifold is 20 N•m (15 lb-ft).

6. Attach Rear Exhaust Manifold to Front Manifold: Join the rear exhaust manifold (F) to the front exhaust manifold (D).

7. Place Exhaust Manifold Assembly: Position the exhaust manifold assembly over the guide pins and port liners on the cylinder head. Note that new stainless steel exhaust manifold cap screws do not require anti-seize compound.

8. Install Cap Screws with Spacers: Apply PT569 NEVER-SEEZ® Compound only to reused cap screws. Install six cap screws (G) with spacers into the bottom holes of the exhaust manifold and into the cylinder head, tightening them finger tight.

9. Remove Guide Pins and Install Additional Cap Screws: After removing the guide pins, install five cap screws through spacers into the top holes of the exhaust manifold and cylinder head, again finger tight.

10. Install Long Bolt: Place one long bolt (H) through the thick portion of the exhaust manifold into the cylinder head, finger tight. Important: This long bolt cannot be reused as it is not stainless steel and is affected by exhaust heat.

11. Tighten Cap Screws to Specification: Ensure the exhaust manifold gasket tab is correctly oriented. Then, tighten the 12 exhaust manifold cap screws in the specified order to the required torque specification.

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