How to Solve When Got “service advisor offline has not yet been registered and setup for use ”?

A consumer encountered a problem in the process of using john deere service advisor. it prompts “service advisor offline has not yet been registered and setup for use” .  The service advisor did work great before. The consumer turned it on and that is when the error occurred. he tried to shut off the laptop and also shut down the service advisor and restarted . It still came on. How to Solve?

When you get the error from the picture , please confirm something first
1.Did you copy the software from hard disk to other laptop ?
2.Did you update the software automatically ?
3.Did you buy it from and just receive it ?
If you bought from us and just receive it , please contact our sales ( directly with your order number . We will offer technical support free help you
If you bought from us for long time , we offer solution that one is you can send back the hard disk to us , we fix the issues for you free , the other one is that you pay the cost to us , we let factory help you activate the software again , the cost is USD50
If you not bought from our store , you can buy the updated software at this link directly :

More request, welcome to contact us any time.

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