Accessing Parameter Lockout on CAT ET Software

The CAT ET Software offers a Parameter Lockout function that allows mechanics to lock specific parameters, preventing them from being changed anywhere in the Service Tool. This ensures that important settings and configurations remain secure and unchanged unless authorized personnel unlock them using Factory or Customer Passwords.

Accessing (CAT ET Software)

To run the Parameter Lockout function:
1). Connect CAT ET to the Service Tool connector.
2). Select Parameter Lockout from the Service menu.

3). The Parameter Lockout screen is displayed.

Screen Layout (CAT ET Software)

The Parameter Lockout screen has the following areas:

A. Display Area

The Parameter Lockout display area has two columns: Description and Mode. The Description column provides the name of the parameter. The Mode column displays the status of the parameter (Locked/Unlocked)

B. Buttons The button available in the Parameter Lockout screen is:


Click this button to lock or unlock a selected parameter, based on its current mode.
Note: Customer Passwords are required to lock the selected parameter. Factory Passwords are required to unlock the selected parameter.


Click Yes on the Are you sure… message box.


Click Yes on the Are you sure… message box.

Enter the Factory Passwords #1 and #2, and click OK.

Parameter Lockout Effect (CAT ET Software)

Before: Low Idle Speed (Unlocked) Go to Configuration Tool/ F5, and select Engine/Gear Parameters – Low Idle Speed.

After: Low Idle Speed (Locked)

Need to enter the Factory Passwords #1 and #2:

In conclusion, the Parameter Lockout function in CAT ET Software provides a way to lock certain parameters, ensuring that they cannot be changed without the necessary passwords.

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