How to use CAT communication adapter 3 for road trucks and ALLISON transmissions

How to use CAT communication adapter 3 for road trucks and ALLISON transmissions

#157-4829 / 507-1011 Adapter Cable Assembly (SAE to CAT ® CAN/ATA).
#On-Highway Truck (Caterpillar Engine/ C-13 and Cummins Engine Signature/ISX), and ALLISON Transmission (4700RDS).

Today I attempted to test the connection between the 9 pin German SAE standard heavy duty truck plug using the CAT Comm Adapter 3 and the 157-4829/507-1011 adapter cable assembly. I usually used the Nexiq USB-Link adapter (USB-Link or USB-Link 2)…

1). Please order adapter cable assembly 157-4829/507-1011.

CAT Engine C-13
2). Connect the 157-4829/507-1011 adapter to the diagnostic connector and then use CAT
3). Open your CAT ET software and it will automatically connect to the ECM. Read more: How to connect Caterpillar ET software to the ECM.

ALLISON Transmission 4700RDS

4). I have also checked the connection to the ALLISON Transmission 4700RDS using ALLISON DOC software through this diagnostic port (see Figure 1.1 and 1.2 above). Read more: How to connect ALLISON Transmission to ALLISON DOC software.

-Vendor: CA3rp32
-Protocol: J1939
-Device: Caterpillar CA3
A). Data Bus Viewer checks to ensure all data is being sent over the communications link.

b). Click F4-Connect, uncheck SmartConnect, then click the Connect button
c). When setting up the communications adapter, click the Advanced button and then select Adapter for Caterpillar CA3.
→4th Gen TCM – Protocol J1939

→5th Gen TCM – Protocol CAN-For 5th Gen TCMs

-Vendor: CA3rp32
-Protocol: CAN – For 5th Gen TCMs
-Device: Caterpillar CA3
d). Attempting to connect to ALLISON Transmission, using Caterpillar CA3 – J1939.
→4th Gen TCM
-Attempting to connect.

→5th Gen TCM
-Transmission Connect warning message: click Accept to continue connection.

-Attempting to connect.

-Connected successfully: DTC and General Information.

Cummins Signature/ISX Engine
4). Open Cummins INSITE Software, and choose “Connection Settings”. Select “Vendor” to Caterpillar, “Adapter” to Caterpillar CA3, and “Protocol” to Auto Detect, then click “Datalink Adapter Connection Test” to verify (Please make sure that the Datalink Adapter is connected to an ECM and the key switch is ON). Read More: How to Connecting CUMMINS Engines using Cummins INSITE Software.
-ECM Connection Wizard (Connection Settings).

#Connection Settings
-Vendor: Caterpillar
-Adapter: Caterpillar CA3
-Protocol: J1939/ Auto Detect

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