How to Solve VW Polo Dashboard Dead After Add key by Autel IM608 PRO

Recently, a customer had a “Error” problem on the dashboard after adding a spare key for VW Polo 2007 by Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro and XP400 pro. Every step by IM608 PRO was normal and the both keys worked well, but the dashboard seemed dead.


Disconnect the vehicle’s battery for a few mins and restore it again.


Car with a battery (here VW with a Polo Cross battery)

Socket wrench

Socket wrench extender

Step 1. Find the positive and negative terminal on the of the battery

The negative terminal is usually covered with a black shell. If not, there should be a small minus sign near it.

While the positive terminal usually has a red shell and a plus sign near it.

Step 2. Choose the correct socket size

Figure out the correct socket size you need to loosen the nut on the negative connector and the positive connector.

Step 3. Assemble the correct-sized socket on the socket wrench

Apart from the socket, you may need a socket wrench extender to be able to reach the nut on the connector.

Step 4. Loosen the nut on the negative terminal

Place the socket onto the nut and turn the nut clockwise.

Step 5. Disconnect the negative connector

Pull the connector off to disconnect the negative terminal after the nut is loosened. And set it a certain distance away from the battery.

Step 6. Disconnect the battery

Do the same actions as step 4 and step 5 to loosen and disconnect the nut on the positive connector. But care not to let the positive terminal touch any metal part of the vehicle.

Last, wait a few mins and connect the battery again.

Done, simple and nice!

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