How to solve the BMW ICOM error of the current Firmware 31503 and the supposed Firmware 31500


There is a window showing the current Firmware 31503 and the supposed Firmware 31500.
Error message in English:
– There are ICOMs in the workshop network that have invalid firmware.
– The listed ICOMs are currently not available for programming.
– Please switch to ISTA and carry out an ICOM firmware update.

The error you’re encountering with BMW ICOM, indicating a firmware mismatch between the current version (31503) and the supposed version (31500), can be addressed by implementing one of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Override the Firmware Check

BMW ICOM firmware is too new to work with ista-p.
I have 66.2 installed and the newest ICOM next firmware.
First solution: override the firmware check

Try this:

Solution 2: Add Firmware Version to License
1. Edit License Configuration:
Locate your license configuration file.
2. Add Firmware Version:
Edit the license file to include the correct firmware version (03-15-03) in the appropriate section.

Solution 3: Use Firmware Fix
1. Apply Firmware Fix:
Obtain or use a firmware fix that is updated for version This fix typically disables the firmware check.

Additional Tips:
1. Consider Compatibility:
Ensure that the firmware versions are compatible with the ISTA-P version you are using.
2. Verify ISTA-P Version:
Confirm that your ISTA-P version is suitable for the ICOM firmware versions you have installed.
3. Professional Assistance:
If you are unsure or uncomfortable making these changes, consider seeking assistance from a professional who is experienced in working with BMW diagnostic tools and software.

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