How to Register Nissan IMMO Key via Launch X431 after Replacing BCM

After replacing BCM, Nissan may have a fault code P1614. This code usually comes out when a not registered or damaged key is used to start the engine. Using Launch X431 V, X431 V+ or X431 Pro Mini can do an immobilizer NATS(Nissan Anti-theft System) key register for Nissan.

Following we’re taking a 2014 Nissan Almera N17 to make a demo on how to do it.

Read Pin Codes
Connect X431 scan tool into OBD, go to scan systems firstly,
Local diagnose >> Nissan >> OK >> Manually select >> Far east >> Malaysia >> Almera >> N17 >> 11/2014 >> Health report

Find out the fault code:

Here we go:

Select Local Diagnose -> Asian -> Nissan -> Manual select -> Far East -> Area -> Almera -> N17 -> 11 /2014 -> Heal Report.

Select “P1614 Chain of IMMU-Key.


Select “NATS (Nissan Anti-theft System)”.


Select “After replacing or installing operation”.


Select “Replace BCM”.

This procedure erases all registered key ids, therefore, all of the customer’s keys should be obtained before starting this procedure.

Please operate by following the on-screen guide.

Input immobilizer code ( 4 digits PIN) for initialization.


Initialization ECU.


Registration key.

Follow the step to insert immo key ,security indicator blink 5 times.

Repeat step to register all key.

Complete registration key.

Alright, once all keys are done, they can start engine.


Double check the DTC by entering Select Local Diagnose -> Asian -> Nissan -> Manual select -> Far East -> Area -> Almera -> N17 -> 11 /2014 -> System selection -> Engine.


Job is done!


Thumb up Launch X431 V, X431 V+ etc.

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