How to Read Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 Online Pincode by Xtool X100 Pad2

Feedback: XTOOL X100 Pad2 is able to read Pincode online for Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014.

Question: without internet it doesn’t get code?

Answer: doesn’t give it

connects cell phone data or wifi and internet extract Pin Code if you don’t give it you will have to use other equipment or buy it already flat.

If Xtool X100 Pad2 failed to extract pincode, you have to buy the code.

Car series

System type

Paragraph Contains models Function menu






















Auto Auto
Manual CAN Auto 1.Read PIN Code

2.Erase Key

3.Program Blank Key

4.Program Old Key

5.Number of key(s)

CAN Type 1 1.Number of keys2.Program old keys3.Program new keys4.Erase keys5.Program remote
CAN Type 2 1.Live Data

2.Program old key

3.Program new key

4.Erase keys

5.Read security code

6.Repalce PCM

7.Replace WCM

8.Change PCM VIN

CAN Type 3
CAN Type 4
VPW Type 5 1.Program keys

2.Erase keys

3.Change VIN

4.PCM replace

5.SKM replace

2014- 1.Add smart key

2.Erase smart keys

3.Replace RFH Module

4.Read Pin Code

Cherokee 2014-2018 1.Read Pin Code

2.Program keys

3.Erase keys

2019- 1.Read PIN Code

2.Program Smart Key

3.Erase Smart Key

4.Number of key(s)

Renegade 2015- 1.Read Pin Code

2.Program keys

3.Erase keys

Compass 1.Read Pin Code

2.Program keys

3.Erase keys

Commander 2019- 1.Read PIN Code2.Program Smart Key3.Erase Smart Key4.Number of key(s)
Fobik Keyless Go 1.Synchronous smart key
Remote G.Cherokee 2001-2003 1.Program remotes
Liberty 2002-2004 1.Program remotes

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