Nissan Sylphy Immobilizer System Password Reading by Launch X431

Remove, install BCM system or key lost new matching key, need to do key registration function for the vehicle, and key registration steps need to obtain and calculate the security password.This instruction show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to read out immobilizer system security password for Nissan Sylphy 2008.For Nissan repair diagnostics work,please check here: Nissan Trouble Repair

What You Need?

Launch X431 V Pro


The following is the 2008 Nissan Sylphy based on the steps of anti-theft password read and calculating operation:

1.Turn on the ignition

2.Select ” NISSAN”

3.Select “V43.20” version

4.Select “16PIN”

5.Select “Maintenance”

6.Select “NATS”

7.Select “General Mode”

8.Select “Pin Code”

9.It displayed PIN CODE

10.Select OK

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