How to Check Hyundai i30 Engine Light P014C via Launch X431 V

There is a check engine warning light coming on the Hyundai i30 dashboard. So I’m gonna use Launch X431 V Diagnostic Tool to find out the problem.


​Connect Launch X431 V with OBD, press
Local diagnose >> Hyundai >> OK >> 16 PIN DLC >> Automatically test >> OK >> System selection >> ECM(engine control module) >> Read fault code

It tells a fault code:
P014C, 02 sensor slow response – rich to learn bank 1 sensor 1.

​It means the oxygen sensor is responding very slow passing description and usually this is due to a faulty sensor or a clogged sensor. So I’m gonna go under the bonnet and take the oxygen sensor out.

As you can see, the oxygen sensor is absolutely clogged, so I’m gonna blow it with air gently. When it’s clean, it’s a massive difference, refit it back into the car.

​Let’s go back to erase the fault code and have a road test.
Clear fault code >> Yes >> OK
Clear fault code completed.

After 30 minutes road test, it’s about half an hour and 36 miles. Let’s try read fault code again to see if it’ll come back.
Alright, there is no trouble code, and the check engine light has gone.

Problem was solved!

This is using Launch X431 V Scan Tool to solve P014C fault code for a Hyundai i30.

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