How to change/disable speed limit (Vmax) on Mercedes with Vediamo?

I want to unlock the Mercedes Benz factory top speed limit which is 250km/h. Which program can I use to unlock it? and how to remove the speed limit set from the factory? Check tutorials below:

Which program?
Vediamo: Yes
DTS Monaco: Yes

You could do them offline using Vediamo or Monaco but from an experience you better of with MB SD Connect C4 or VCI multiplexers to used those software. Meanwhile, you will need special CBf/Vsb/smr file or seed-key calculated to get the required access to the ecu and cpc. Some people can help you with that calculation. Unfortunately, we don’t.

In a word, you will need Vediamo/DTS together with the correct files (vsb w cbf) or regular file with seed key (bought) to gain access for coding.

Vediamo Guide
DTS Monaco Guide

How to change/disable speed limit (Vmax) on Mercedes with Vediamo?

Example on MED40 engine.

In Vediamo software, select V Ecoute

Upload a CBF file that you have saved on desktop

Got the engine module on your car
For example on this car it is MED40, (unlock me97 will not need calculator )
Right-click ECU and go to Properties

Select interface,
Select ECU – manual command input

We send the command 27 0B
open Seed Calculator

We write 4 bytes and get the code to send

Press Generate to generate a key

Copy and paste 4 bytes of the key and paste to vediamo

27 0C write code
Send command again
Access is open
Go to Variant coding

Select VCD- Vmax

From the factory the car has a limit of 200 km/h

We change the speed limiter to 250km/h, press ECU coding.

Coding success. VMAX (Factory Speed Limiter) was changed.


If it is ME97 engine, the procedure is easier, does not require seed calculator.

Select ME97 engine
Click sub-options to select “Function”
Double click “DJ_Zugriffsberechtigung”
It will show access permission
select “Coding” option from menu,and then“Variant Coding”
Select “lmplicit_Coding_ME97”
Now select “Vmax”,and then select new max speed from right list

How to Remove Mercedes Speed Limit by DTS Monaco?

Example on ME97 ECU

1.You need t unlock ECU DiagJob–>Zugriffsberechtigung 1 and Zugriffsberechtigung 2

(click to enlage images)

2.Choose Domane “Implizite Kodierung ME97”

3.Choose desired value for Vmax


5.Hard reset


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