FAQs for MB Xentry Software

Q1: Does the new software come with DTS Monaco?
A1: Yes, it includes V8.13 Software.

Q2: The HHT-WIN is included also?
A2: For 2020.6 Software, there are two versions, one is win7 version, it comes with HHT, can support cars from 1989. The other is win10 version, this version does not have HHT included.

Q3: This new 2020.6 Version can support online coding?
A3: If users have original account, can have a test, if not, our software does not support.

Q4: When open Xentry, it promts “No access authorization code! Please contact the User Help Desk”
A4: This is because the xentry software is not activated, please send Hardware ID to us to get activation code.

Q5: What is the system of the software?
A5: The software hard drive come with system itself, you can choose win7 or win10.

Q6: When plug the hard drive to PC, it quited at once, and blue screen, what is the problem?
A6: Please set the PC HDD mode to AHCI.

Q7: When I open EPC/WIS, cannot find ID?
A7: Please open Device Manager, delete the virtual Network card.

Q8: When I activate the EPC/WIS, it failed.
A8: For this problem, please check the PC System time, if it is current time? Also make sure the IE is default explorer, otherwise, software will not open.

Q9: I cannot find HW-ID for DAS of 2020.6 version?
A9: For the new 2020.6 version, DAS is includd in xentry, no need activation additionally. After xentry activated, can use DAS directly.

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