How to change DAS And Xentry Language

If you buy MB SD Connect C4 from us, we will change DAS, Xentry and HHT language to fit your need .

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Here we will show how to change the DAS and Xentry language from English to Germany.

How to change DAS language:

Step 1. You need to choose the DAS icon on desktop, and right-click , then choose the option:

Step 2. Change the “-len” to “-lde” as below:

Then click “OK”, then all have done. It is so easy, right?

How to change Xentry Language:

It is also very easy to change.

Step 1. Run Xentry, and click the setting icon.

Step 2. In the system setting , you will see Setting language, click it.

Step 3. Now we can see all available language, we chosen Deutsch(German), then click accept.

Now DAS and Xenry language have changed.

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