Diagnose Toyota Yaris 2012 with Launch x431 pros mini

Launch Pros Mini: what’s in the box?

Various adapter: Toyota 17, Toyota 22, Chrysler 6, GM 12, Honda 3, BMW 20, Benz 38, power cable, extension lead to going to my OBD2 port for putting the Bluetooth dongle into that could be handy, but I tend to just chuck them in. For the main unit , I love the whist. The package is very well protected.

Boot speed:

Autel ds808 boot up was actually quicker.

Star to diagnose Toyota Yaris 2012 with Launch x431 pros mini

Follow the on-screen instruction to choose area, car model, functions.
Traditional diagnose -> Asian -> Toyota -> submit -> 16pin DLC -> Automatically search -> Yaris HV -> 2015.05- 2017.03 -> w /smart key -> Healthy report

This scanner will take a longer time for the tire pressure monitor.

We will see what the Autel DS808 tell us aft wards. I thinks the tire pressure monitor ECU is quite slow on these Toyota’s, it’s finally done it.

That’s taking me 3 minutes and 20 seconds from selecting the car.

Have vehicle diagnostic report then tap “save” them.
The scanner gives me all my car details.

Launch x431 pros mini does hot functions
Launch hide most of their hot functions in a different menu.

Compared with Autel DS808, this one is sure to choose a car.

To select traditional diagnose -> Asian -> Toyota -> submit ->history -> Toyota Yaris HV -> Control units -> All systems- > Main body -> Special function -> Initialization -> welcome to the Gateway Initialization utility.

Back to select “Hybrid control” -> special function -> Initialization-> welcome to the battery current sensor initialization utility.

Back to select “Engine and ECT” > oil reset->with intelligent key -> just follow the 1,2,3,4 tips to do.

Back to “All readiness”, just tap “Ok” to follow the on-screen message to do.

Back to “ABS/VSC/TRC” -> Special functions -> Air bleeding

Back to “All systems” -> “Tire Pressure Monitor” -> Special function -> ID registration -> Welcome the Tire ID registration wizard. This function will register tire IDs for the tire pressure warning system.

Live data on the Launch
Choose Toyota V49.22 -> History ->All systems -> Engine and ECT, then tick off : Engine oil temperature, coolant temp, long FT B1S1, short FT B1S1, then tap “ok”, and you can select “Graph”, the graph is really surprising quick, you can also tap “combine” there is a legend that tells you what color is doing what. Or you can back to the values.

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