Diagnose Toyota Yaris 2012 with Autel ds808

Autel DS808 Do the same test as Launch X431 ProS Mini does.
Tap “Diagnostics” -> Toyota -> Automatically select -> Read VIN – Europe / others -> 05 /2015 -03/2017- > with smart key -> confirm vehicle profile -> Establishing vehicle communication (this seems to be taking a little bit longer) -> Diagnosis -> Auto scan.

And this flew through the tire pressure monitor rare, well the Launch was slow on the tire pressure monitor. This was a little bit slower getting into the system.

Again we got 14 computers.

Tap “Report” and have the report, same as Launch.

Back to “Hot Functions”.
Let’s see what the Autel does in comparison to the Launch.

But before start this, in the bag of goodies that came with the Launch, this extensional cable that you can put into the OBD2 port socket. I’m running two scanner I am not going to mean is I’m not going to keep diving down to plug one module in one module out, I can do my connection here, so I’m using the Launch extensional cable.

Next is to test the hot functions.

Not supported list:

oil reset



Window, door alignment

Supported list:

Tire pressure monitor: works

Brake bleed: works

immo & keys: works

Steering : works

Throttle body : works

Live data on the Autel ds808
Diagnostic -> Control units -> Engine and ECT -> Live data, pick: Engine oil temperature, coolant temp, long FT B1S1, short FT B1S1, then tap “show”.

Graph is a little different. Let’s start the engine to show the fuel trims and there you go.

Let’s give the car some more heat so the engine I’ll carry on running without me put for the throttle and they’ll drop, the refresh rates are very quick on both Launch X431 pros mini and Autel ds808. I think the graph function of the Launch is better than on the Autel.

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