Toyota Prado 2011 C120A Yaw Rate Sensor Calibration by Launch X431

After you replace ABS ECU or yaw rate/G sensor for Toyota,it will get C1210A trouble code.It will ask you to program yaw rate sensor.So here i want to show you instruction on how to use Launch X431 device to perform calibrate the yaw rate sensor for Toyota Prado 2011.For repair about Toyota,please check here Toyota Trouble Repair

What You Need?

Launch X431 V Pro

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1.The vehicle is on a flat surface.

2.The steering wheel is straight forward.

3.The gear lever is in P gear.

4.Engine is not running.

5.Ignition is ON.


The following takes C120A present after 2011 Prado ABS pump assembly is replaced as an example.

1.Choose Toyota V48.53 or a later version.

2.Choose 16PIN DLC (Europe and other regions).

3.Choose Automatic Search.

4.Choose LC PRADO.

5.Choose China, up to 2012.06..

6.Launch X431 automatically reads vehicle information.

7.Choose System Selection.

8.Choose Chassis.

9.Choose ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)/VSC (Vehicle Stability Control)/TRC (Traction Control).

10.Read the DTC. The information “C120a, ECU initialization is not completed” is displayed.

11.Place the gear lever in P, press and turn the knob in Figure 9 to the middle position between H4 (high speed 4WD) and L4 (low speed 4WD), and then perform the X-431 special function “test mode”.

12.Choose Special Function.

13.Choose Automatically Scan Special Function.

14.Choose Test Mode.

15.A message is displayed, asking this function to be performed after ABS ECU or yaw rate/G sensor is replaced.

16.The prerequisites for test mode are displayed. Ensure that the vehicle is on a flat surface, the steeringnwheel is straight forward, the gear lever is in P, the engine is stopped, and ignition is on.

17.Keep the vehicle stationary for 2s or longer.

18.The message “When the ABS&VSC lamp blinks, calibration is complete. If the ABS&VSC lamp does not blink, try again” is displayed.

19.Read the DTC again. No DTC is prompted. Start the engine to check. If the instrument panel MIL is not on, the fault is rectified.

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