Autel IM608 For Jetta 2017 MQB AKL OBD Programming with XP400

Purpose: To do Volkswagen MQB blade key all keys lost via OBD

Car model: Jetta 2017 MQB

The tool used: Autel IM608 (need XP400)


Connect Autel IM608 with OBD, let’s start:

IMMO >> Accept >> Volkswagen >> Advanced mode >> IMMO 4 + MOQ key >> All keys lost >> Yes

Read IMMO Data

Please turn on the hazard warning flasher,

if a vehicle with Kessy: push down START/STOP button;

If the vehicle has no Kessy: insert the blank key and then turn the ignition.

Press “OK”.

Calculation is completed!

Press “OK” to continue.

Make Dealer Key

Do you need to make a dealer key? Yes

Put a blank key in the XP400 programmer keyhole, press “OK”.

Do you need to lock the key?

The key cannot be unlocked after it is locked.

Unlocked keys may not be able to learn the vehicle.

Press “Yes”.

Make dealer key success!

Press “No” to go on next step.

Key Adaption To Vehicle

Does vehicle have Kessy? Yes

Input the number of keys to be learned, press “OK”.

Place the key on the vehicle induction coil.

Wait for 2s, and then press “OK”.

If other keys are too close to the coil, it may cause key learning failure.

Key learning completed!

Press “OK” to finish.

Let’s check it out, it can start the vehicle normally.


The is 2017 VW Jetta MQB all keys lost programming with Autel IM608 & XP400 successfully!

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