Xtool X100 PAD2 Key Programmer Test Reports in 2021

As time goes by, more and more locksmiths purchase and test Xtool X100 PAD2 Key Programmer, and can’t help share with other locksmiths in the world their joy of success and meanwhile seeking solutions to their problems. In this article, we have collected the latest test reports since 2021 for your reference.

2012 HYUNDAI i20 pin read Ok, key program ok {3 minute}

Fiat 500 Year 2009, Done in 2 minutes, Bravo xtool x 100 pad2 Pro

Citroen Berlingo 2019 UK SUCCESS

Pulled pin with working key Type 1

Programmed OEM remote) key,

Would not communicate under Vehicle selection,

Programmed under system Type 4

It was with global version Xtool PAD2.

2014 Ford Transit Custom EU5 spare remote key inside 20 seconds. this was a EU5 van so 2012 – 2016. Was almost instant just like truecode.

-New card key Renault Laguna

– 5min (the real working time was a minute.)

With x100 pad 2 pro

VW Touareg 2008 European version with Id46 key. Done successfully with Xtool PAD2.

Jeep Wrangler 2007 all key lost, done by Xtool PAD2.

xtool x100 pad 2 pro do akl for vw bora 2005.

Jeep grand cherokee 2007y with xtoolpad2 no problem.

Oven Key Opel 2015 done by xtoolpad2 no problem, guide:

Xtool X100 Pad2 Program Oven Key Opel 2015 Successfully

Xtool pad 2 can program a 2002 dodge stratus keyfob, need to use eeprom to read pin out of antenna.

Hyundai i20 2015 Spare keys added very quick.

Renault Scenic 2010 work with x100 pad2, Very fast! I did more than 3 of them.

Jeep Grande Cherokee 2012 is possible to add key with xtool.


Suzuki alto k10 all Lost key xtool pro 2

To be updating…

Thanks all users.

Thanks Laurance for editing

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