Toyota Lexus RX300 1999 Add a Key via Autel MK808

This is a master key for the Toyota Lexus RX300, I’m gonna use the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 diagnostic scanner to make an extra key here. So let’s start:

Connect MK808 scanner to OBD2 port of Lexus,

Service >> Immo keys >> Lexus >> Manual selection >> RX300 >> North America >> 1999 >> Yes

Hot functions >> Auto remote match >> Immobilizer >> Transponder code registration

Use this function to register a new key code, press “OK”.

This function serves to register an immobilizer key.

Note: If any step exceeds the time limit, transponder code registration will fail. Press “Next”.

Remove the key from the key cylinder, insert a registered master key into the key cylinder and turn the ignition on. Select “Sub key” to register, press “Next”.

Remove the master key form the key cylinder within 20s, then press “Next” immediately.

Press “Next” after inserting a new key into the key cylinder within 10s.

Now registering…

Wait for about 70s…

Transponder code registration is completed. Press “Esc” to exit.

Now let’s test the new key, it should start the car. Alright, it start it up successfully.

As you can see, Autel MK808 Scan Tool does program a new key for Toyota Lexus RX300, key programming has done in 4 minutes.


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