Solution for Perkins 1106D Electric Power Generation with CID 0168 and FMI 02

The article share outlines a diagnostic issue and a troubleshooting approach for a specific fault code (CID 0168 FMI 02) on a Perkins 1106D Electric Power Generation engine. This fault is associated with intermittent battery circuit voltage to the Electronic Control Module (ECM) while the engine is running. Here’s a structured approach to address this issue based on the conditions and system response you’ve described:

Conditions Which Generate This Code:

  • The ECM detects three voltage readings below 6 Volts DC within 7 seconds, and the voltage then increases to more than 9 Volts DC.
  • The keyswitch is in the ON position, the engine is running, and it is not in the cranking phase.


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System Response:

  • The ECM logs a diagnostic code, and, if equipped, the diagnostic lamp may flash.
  • If the battery voltage drops without recovery, the ECM won’t log the diagnostic code, leading to engine shutdown, depending on how long the fault occurs.

Possible Performance Effects:

  • Potential changes in engine RPM.
  • Intermittent or complete engine shutdowns.
  • Fuel injection by the ECM may stop depending on the duration of the fault.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Ignition Keyswitch Circuit and Battery Supply Circuit – Test:
    • This test focuses on ensuring there’s a consistent voltage supply from the battery to the ECM and that the ignition keyswitch circuit is functioning properly.
  2. Check Battery Connections and Voltage:
    • Ensure all battery connections are secure and free of corrosion.
    • Test the battery voltage to confirm it’s within the specified range for normal operation.
  3. Inspect Wiring and Connectors:
    • Look for damaged wiring or loose connectors between the battery and ECM that could cause intermittent voltage supply.
  4. ECM Power Supply Check:
    • Verify the power supply to the ECM is consistent and within the required voltage range.
  5. Load Test the Battery:
    • Perform a load test on the battery to ensure it can hold a charge under load conditions, as a weak battery might not supply adequate voltage to the ECM.
  6. Check Alternator Output:
    • Ensure the alternator is providing a consistent charge to the battery. An underperforming alternator can lead to low voltage issues.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Software Update: Ensure the ECM software is up to date. Sometimes, software updates can resolve underlying issues not apparent during hardware checks.
  • Perkins Diagnostic Tools: Utilize Perkins EST (Electronic Service Tool) and SPI2 (Service and Parts Information) for advanced diagnostics and to ensure all components are operating within their design specifications.
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