Program Honda Accord 2021 All Keys Lost by Autel KM100

In the previous post we gave important programming tips for the Honda Accord/Civic from 2021 for Autel IM608/IM508. Like Autel MaxiIM KM100. Here is the step-by-step guide to programming the Honda Accord 2021 All Keys Lost by KM100.

Step 1: Generate remote
Go to Universal key generation, generate Honda Accord 2018-2022 remote

Step 2: Program Key
After generate remote, press IMMO function->Push to start->Control Unit->Keyless System (Honda)->All keys lost

Place a key to be learned in the vehicle and take all other keys out of the vehicle.

Release engine start/stop button

If autel maxiim km100 asks if the key is new models, press No. (It does not depend on the model year but on key type. Old key style old system. check previous post at the beginning)

Switch ignition off

Register key completed.


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