Launch X431 PAD V Guided Function Tutorials

Launch X431 PAD V Tutorials: Perform the guided function — A/C compressor first run for VW PASSAT 2013.

Here is the detail steps:

Select “Passat” and then “Vehicle version information”, connecting the VCI in Wifi mode…

Select “Guided Functions”.

Enter “System List”.

identify vehicle information again: VW PASSAT 2013

Enter “08 Climate Control Module” and then “Guided Function” at the right up corner.

Select “08 – A /C / Heating Electronics (A /C – manual)”.

And then “08 – A /C Compressor First Run, (Repair Group 87) “.

Follow the on-screen steps to perform.

Press “Continue /Complete” to perform A /C Compressor First Run.

What component has been replaced:

A /C Compressor – A /C Compressor First Run Activate
A /C Control module J301 – A /C Compressor First Run Deactivate.

Next is to follow to operate until successfully.

Guided function is also applied to X431 Pro V4.0, X431 Pro3 v4.0, X431 PAD VII.

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