Benz W204 TCM Programming with Launch X431

Mercedes Benz C200 (W204), after replacing new TCM module and done TCM programming, Teach-in drive authorization system, teach-in selection range sensor, by Launch X431 PAD V, X431 Pro3 V4.0, X431 Pad III, X431 Pro V4.0.

Using X431 PAD V for example.

Connect it to the Benz W204, boot it and click on “Diagnosis” and then Mercedes Benz.

Connecting the VCI in Wifi mode.

Reading the information of car.

Automatically search and scan and then generate report.

TCM – Transmission Control Module – Special Function

Teach-in Process.

Teach-in of drive authorization system.
There are 3 steps:

Deactivate transport protection




When the ‘activation’ step is performed, the control unit is permanently assigned to this vehicle.

All three steps are required for commissioning of the control unit.

Click on “OK”.

Click on “Yes” -> Yes -> Yes -> Yes.

Okay, re-enter to double check: click on “Teach-in of drive authorization system” -> Yes -> and all value display “Yes”, click “OK”.

Teach-in selection Range Sensor.
Path: Teach-in selection Range Sensor ->Read fault code -> Special function -> Teach-in processes

Adaptations, click on “Ok”.

Engage gear P,R,N, D

Result: the teach-in process was completed successfully.

Ok, all DTC are cleared.

The job is done.

Thumb up Launch X431.

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