Jeep Cherokee 2015 Tire Pressure Sensor Programming by Launch X431

After replace tire pressure monitor sensor,you need to do programming.So here i will show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to do TPMS programming for Jeep Cherokee 2015.For more project on Jeep,please check here:Jeep Trouble Repair.

What You Need?

Jeep Cherokee TPMS

Launch X431 Pro


1.Switch on the ignition;

2.Keep the vehicle battery voltage not less than 11.0V.

Operation Instructions

1) Select Jeep software V30.21 above;

2) Select 16PIN connector;

3) Select manual selection

4) Select Jeep

5) Select 2014 (VIN 10th)(Actual 2015。);

6) Select Cherokee

7) Select RFH (Hub)

8) Select”Programming tyre sensor identification” prompt s

9) After click”confirm”,Prompt the requirements of this function .The ID of sensor can be found on the sensor.

10) Select the tyre sensor that need be programmed.

11) Input the ID of sensor

12) Programming the sensor

13) Tyre sensor ID programming successful

More test report about Launch X431 please check:Launch X431 Test report

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