Launch X431 V Porsche Cayenne StartStop settings to last mode

Have an Launch X431 V tablet and used it on Porsche Cayenne 958 2011 MY. The items to code to switch the start/stop button into “last mode” behavior are in the “Air Conditioning” module. Search the items with “start” in their names, code them as followed and that’s it.

Work on my GTS 2016 too.

Regarding Start/Stop settings to the last mode“:
did this successfully on my 2014 Cayenne (as well as 2017 Macan):

– the memory for SS is indeed in the aircon ECU
– scanning through all ECUs, at least for the 958 SS is coded in 4 different ECUs (if you use Piwis)
– ECUs were for aircon, front BCM, Gearbox, dash cluster if I remember correctly. No coding in DME/DDE.

Piwis lets you collect and code multiple ECUs at the same time and does some consistency checks in normal (dealer) mode, but I also managed to code those ECUs in sequential (individual) order using developers mode. Both did work.

if anybody gets stuck – be aware that multiple ECUs are required (at least if you follow factory coding).

Question 1:

For the « last mode » setting, I confirm that for my 2011 Cayenne S only 2 entries in the aircond ECU have to be recorded as I explained/showed in my post. Nothing to code elsewhere.
Disabling completely the SS is another story I did not go through (and do not need as the last mode is enough for me)


Fully agree – “Last Mode” does the job for me either.
Anyone who tries to code it with Piwis should just be aware that (due to consistency checks by Piwis), it would not work just to code the settings in the Aircon ECU.

Question 2:

Interesting. Can you please detail what/where are the other items Piwis re-codes for Last Mode enablement only? Is it because you are not in Engineering Mode that those consistency checks are done?


As stated above, the values are in 4 different ECUs.

the parameter in all 4 ECUs is simply called „Start-Stopp“, the value can be set to either Default On, Default Off, or Last Mode.

and yes – consistency checks are the standard mode in Piwis. This is why SS needs to be coded to multiple ECUs at the same time – else the coding does not throw an error message but the changed coding values do not get stored.

this is different in developer mode – many more parameters are displayed and can be changed, each as single value w/o any x-checks. Lots of those are not available to the dealer at all as they only work in standard mode (Aftersales Mode).

Good luck!

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