How to Use Vediamo to Activate Remaining Fuel Liters for Benz

This instruction show you guide on how to use Vediamo software to turn on/activate remaining fuel liters for Mercedes Benz.


Benz Vediamo 5.01.01 +Path+Database Mercedes Free Download

How to Install Mercedes Benz Vediamo Software

ECU: Instrument Cluster -IC_212 & IC_204(newest CBF needed if function is not available)

Works with IC_204. cbf with Releasedate DATE:15.12.2016 take a look with an editor (for example Notepad++) into the CBF file. If your CBF file is older than it coulod be that you will not have the coding function.

This coding is not done by regular variant coding!!

It’s different!

Enter the option as below:

1.Select “DL_En…dierungen”

2.Select the option as 2 arrow

3.Change value from “aus” to “en”

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