Program Toyota All Smart Keys Lost by Xtool Pad2 and KS-01 Emulator

Xtool Tech released Toyota/Lexus OBD all smart keys lost solution using KS-01 emulator 5-in-1.

The reusable KS-1 simulator supports Toyota 94 / D4, 98, 39, 88 / A8, A9 type smart key all key lost programming.

Compatible device: XTOOL X100 Pad2, H6 Elite , H6 Pro, X100 Pad3

Lost all smart keys


Step 1: Backup IMMO data
Connect x100 pad2 with vehicle, select Diagnosis->Immobilization->Toyota->All smart key lost->Read Immobilizer data

Press the Start button once

Reading data in progress

Save immo data

EEPROM data backup succeed.

Step 2: Generate emulator key
Select Generate emulated key

Enable network connection to perform this function.

Select the backup immo file in step 1

Select file and identify key type: 88

Connect the KC100 adapter with xtool tablets, press OK to continue
Activating KC100 and check version information

Input emulator smart card into KC100

Generate emulator key successfully

The emulator key generated will start vehicle

You can perform Add key function to add another key using the simulator key.


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