How to Use the Doosan e-Doctor Run-up Test Function

The Doosan e-Doctor is a powerful diagnostic tool that allows users to perform various tests and checks on Doosan engines. One of its key functions is the “Run-up Test,” which is used to assess the power deviation of each cylinder. In this article, we will guide you on how to effectively use the Doosan e-Doctor Run-up Test function to ensure optimal engine performance.

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Auto Start icon
– Start and idle the engine before clicking the Auto Start icon.
– The test will be started as soon as you click the start icon.
– The test will be performed six times automatically.
– After performing the test six times, automatically will be stopped.

Manual Start icon
– Select the cylinders you want to test.
– If the Manual Start icon is clicked, perform the test for only the selected cylinders.

Stop icon
– Makes the test stop.

Status message
– It enables you to trace the test progress.

Measurement result
– Max speed: Indicates the max. RPM of each cylinder during the test.
– Min speed: Indicates the min. RPM of each cylinder during the test.
– Elapsed time: Indicates the time to reach the max. RPM. from min. RPM

How to view the graph
– It shows the results (in percentage) the deviation between cylinders based on the cylinder having the longest time until RPM reaches max.
– If the deviation of any cylinder exceeds than standard value, you can assume that the cylinder or the unit injector for the cylinder is defective.
▣ case study of run up test
For example, there is one engine which Cyl. No 2 injector is bad condition.
Once you press run up test button, The ECU cut No1 injector off and start to check engine power (The engine is running with 5 cylinder power only. at that time, ECU gives signal to 5 injectors to maintain 6 cylinder working power)
But engine power will not be reached up to 6 cylinder output because No 2 injector cannot make a normal output as above assumption.
Next, the ECU will cut No2 injector off and start to check engine power.
In this case, engine power will be OK as 6 cylinder working because other five cylinders have no problem.
And the ECU cut No3 injector off and check engine power.
Then, engine power cannot be reached as 6 cylinder power because No 2 injector cannot make a normal output.
This test will be repeated until No.6 cylinder. By checking each cylinder output, ECU can recognize that No2 injector is bad.

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