How to Solve Scania Truck ATA 114 Auxiliary Heater System Overheating Error

Scania trucks are known for their reliability and durability, but like any vehicle, they can experience issues from time to time. One common problem that Scania truck owners may encounter is an overheating error in the auxiliary heater system, specifically ATA 114. In this article, we will guide you on how to solve this error and get your truck back on the road.

Error Identification:
The first step in resolving the overheating error is to identify the issue. The error occurs when there is a significant difference in temperature between the temperature sensor and the overheat sensor.

There are several potential causes for the overheating error in the Scania truck auxiliary heater system. These include:
1. Blocked air supply to the auxiliary heater with cold air.
2. Blocked air vent from the auxiliary heater with heated air.
3. Faulty flame monitor or control unit.
4. Fuel supply issues.

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Action Steps:
To resolve the overheating error, follow these action steps:

1. Check the fuel supply: Ensure that the fuel supply to the auxiliary heater is sufficient. Inspect the fuel lines for any blockages or leaks. If necessary, clean or replace the fuel filter.

2. Check air supply and venting: Inspect the pipes for air supply and air venting to the auxiliary heater. Make sure they are not blocked by debris or any other obstructions. Clean or unclog the pipes if necessary.

3. Check the flame monitor: Examine the flame monitor or control unit for any signs of damage or malfunction. If you detect any issues, consider replacing the faulty component.

4. Check the overheat sensor: Inspect the overheat sensor to ensure it is functioning properly. If it is damaged or not working correctly, replace it with a new one.

Additional Resources:
For more detailed instructions and information, refer to the work description in Multi under 18-90 “H13, ATA Auxiliary heater – air”. This resource will provide you with step-by-step procedures for checking and resolving the overheating error in the Scania truck auxiliary heater system.

By following these steps and conducting the necessary checks, you can effectively solve the Scania Truck ATA 114 Auxiliary Heater System Overheating Error. Regular maintenance and prompt troubleshooting are crucial to keep your Scania truck running smoothly and efficiently. If you encounter any difficulties or require further assistance, consult a professional technician or reach out to Scania’s official support channels.

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