Using the Tech2 as a programming pass thru device with SPS2 or TLC

The constant evolution of automotive technology poses challenges for technicians working with older vehicle models that still require updates and programming. One such challenge arises when using the GM Tech2 (TE2) as a pass-through device for programming a 1999 GMC Sierra, particularly with the SPS2 software. In this article, we will explore the process of using Tech2 in conjunction with SPS2, highlighting the challenges that emerged after SPS2’s introduction in October 2020 and how functionality was restored in the last six months.

The Clear Process:
1. Logging into an account and ensuring you have a subscription.

2. Installing Techline Connect if not previously used.

3. Using Tech2 either in the traditional remote mode or as a pass-through device with SPS2.

4. Navigating through Techline Connect and making the right selections for the vehicle.

5. Connecting the Tech2 to the vehicle and computer, following specific steps for programming.

6. Selecting the correct vehicle and programming options, including updates and calibrations.

7. Handling the actual programming process and monitoring the Tech2’s interface.

The Tech2 from remains a valuable diagnostic tool for technicians working with older vehicle models like the 1999 GMC Sierra. By combining it with newer software like SPS2, technicians can continue to provide necessary updates and programming. By following the outlined process, ensuring the correct cables and interfaces, and being aware of potential challenges, technicians can overcome obstacles and successfully program the GMC Sierra using Tech2 and SPS2.

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