how to use star diagnosis sdconnect C4 on W220

You bought a star diagnostic machine sdconnect c4, you get it home, plug it in and you’re not sure what to do with it. So I’m gonna walk you through some basic functions and how to use it on W220.I’ll try to add more as times goes on for different functions:

This is a quick 20 minutes tutorial on how to use star diagnosis sdconnect C4 on W220:


Images on different functions:

Control unit version

Fault codes

Actual values

Initial startup

Control unit adaptations

Complete list of guided tests

Complete list of fault codes

Control unit log

Troubleshooting by means of complaints or symptoms

Service information

Special functions

Diagnosis to plant specifications

Actuations (Variant coding…)

Select Mercedes Benz:

S (W220)


Variant coding…

Next is sdconnect C4 settings.

PS: the images above don’t display the newest version of Xentry, for newest Xentry 2020.3 and best quality sdconnect C4, you can choose this one:

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