How to use MB Star software to code Mercedes W212 W204 X204 Turn Signal

In this instruction, will show you guide on how to use Vediamo to code for Mercedes Benz change turn signal.

Look, the turn signal flashes 3 times.

Now we are coding with Mercedes Benz Vediamo so that the turn signal blinks 4 or 5 times. Firstly connect a Mercedes diagnostic tool (i.e MB SD C4, C5, Benz DoIP C6 etc) to the car.

ECU Properties and then click on the three options to confirm the reset.

Click on “Coding” and then “Variant Coding”.

After selecting the options (shown as below), click on “ECU-Coding” and then “Continue to ensure the software calibration number (SCN) will be reset at some ecus when writing the varcode.

Coding complete, click on “exit ECU” of Vediamo software.
After coding, the turn signal flashes 4 times.

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