How to Solve NEXIQ USB Link 2 Driver “A digitally signed driver is required”

We have received reports of an issue with the NEXIQ USB Link 2 drivers (v2.6.0.21 or later) causing the USB-Link 2 to no longer function with a USB connection on computers with secure boot enabled on Windows 10 64 bit.

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An error message may occur during installation and there may be yellow warning triangles in Device Manager under Jungo Connectivity. There will be yellow warning triangles next to the USB-Link™ 2 and WDNXUSB2 entries:

Double-clicking the entry will bring up the Properties message box, which will have the following error in the Device status window

1. Update to Windows® 10 version 1803 (or latest).
2. After installing the latest version of Windows, reinstall the USB-Link 2 driver

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