How to Do BMW ECU Validation Service with ISTA BMW ?

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1.Go to “vehicle management” =>  “Control unit exchange”

2.Select the exchanged control unit in the “After ” tab and then calculate the measures plan. Then ISTA will automatically include the control unit validation in the measures plan.

3.If ISTA cannot carry out automatic validation, a warning about the absence of control unit validation is displayed.

4.By clicking on the “Next” button, ISTA generates the required ValidationRequest_VIN_xxx.json file and opens a file dialogue to save it. The file needs to be stored and uploaded via DCSnet later.

5.ISTA displays a note confirming that the file was successfully saved. At this point, you can exit the process using the “Cancel” button. After processing the measures plan, the session can be closed.

6.Open DCSnet and select “ECU Validation Service” under “Service”. You can order the ECU validation service through us per VIN.

If the ECU Validation Service Menu is not showing up, please check your Access Roles in DEMS. If the ECU validation Service Role is missing, please contact your DEMS Administrator for getting access to it.

7.Upload the previously generated and downloaded ValidationRequest_VIN17_xxx.json file

8.The System checks the file, and after a few seconds, a new

ValidationRequest_VIN17_xxx_response.json file will be offered for downloading. This is subsequently required by ISTA. Start a new ISTA session

9.In order to import the JSON file, select “ECU Validation” in the “Additional Software” tab.

10.In order to import the validated file, select “Import control unit validation file manually” and confirm with “OK”.

11.Select the file ValidationRequest_VIN17_xxx_response.json in the file dialogue and confirm with “Continue”. (the file will be supplied by us if you ordered the ECU Validation Service from team

12.The file is written into the vehicle and checked.

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