How to Solve Mismatch between VCMII IDS software versions

Hello. I am installing a Ford vcm2 and connecting it to IDS V121.01, I get this error “Falta de concordancia entre las versiones de software VCMII IDS (Mismatch between VCMII IDS software versions)”, does anyone know how to solve it?

Obdii.Shop engineer solution:

PS: both VCMII (SP177-C3andSP177) share the same solution

Click “√” to upgrade VCM2 firmware.

Refer to this instruction, you first press the reset button, and then open the bosch vci manager to update the firmware.

1. Take apart the fiber case.

2. Use the USB cable to connect VCM2, hold the “Reset” button, don’t release.

3. Connect the other end of USB cable to the computer with IDS V86 installed, until you hear a beep, release Reset button.

4. Run Bosch\VCI Software(Ford-VCM-II)\VCI Manger(Ford-VCM-II)

5. When the following page appears, it means it enter recovery mode.

6. Click on “Recover” button and the program will switch to VCMII update page.

7. Click on “Start Update” to start firmware update and you will see the following window message.

8. Click on “OK” and it will start to write into the newest firmware.

9. When VCMII firmware update successfully, it shows the following window message, andVCM IIdevice system will reboot automatically, when you hear one beep it means reboot completely, now you can exit VCM II Manager.

10. Run IDS. when it shows the following window message, it means VCMII firmware update completely.

Finally! everything is fine!

Okay. I have restored it according to your instructions and everything is correct. Thank you very much for your support.

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