How to Solve Autel IM508 “File version error [Error code 4096]”

Customer Problem:

I use Autel IM508 to add key to my fiat punto, it read out eeprom successfully, but when I save it, an error message suddenly pops up “File version error [Error code: 4096]”. engineer replied:

1.Check if the network connection is normal

2.Confirm your original car key type and select the correct menu to operate depends on the following list.

Fiat punto from 1999-2005 (ECU: Magneti marelli) supports Megamos 48 (ID48) transponder, MC68HC912 chip
Fiat punto from 1995-1999 supports Megamos 13 (ID13) transponder, 93C46 chip
Fiat punto from 2007- supports Megamos 48 (ID48) transponder, 95160 chip
Fiat punto from 1999-2005 (ECU: Delphi) supports Megamos 48 transponder, 93C66 chip
3.If it also fails, you’d better offer the BIN file by the following paths to us.

1).Where to get the immo data:


2).Where to get the programmer immo data:


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