How to Restore Autel MaxiSys Scanner Car Factory Logos

How to: restore Autel Maxisys series (MS908,Autel Maxisys MS908SP, MS906, Maxisys Elite etc) diagnostic scan tool car factory logos instead of the circular car name so that it will be easier to navigate through the scanner.

Default circular logo with car name

How to reset:

Go to Main Menu
Select ES File Explorer->Scan folder->Vehicle folder

Select car region and start reset ca logo

i.e Asia Acura

Delete circular logo car_new_odm.png and car_new.png pictures (in Autel MS908P delete car_new.png only)

Another example, Asia Honda

Delete car_new_odm.png and car_new.png pictures as well

Repeat same action in other car makes.

Reboot the device

Now you will see the car logos has been restored successfully.

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