How to Reset AUDI A4 2008 Steering Angle Sensor by Launch X431

There is something wrong with 2008 AUDI A4, the steering system has fault, but can continue driving. Here will share the guide to use Launch X431 Scan Tools to solve.

Let’s go one by one!

Part 1: Perform basic setting with guide function

Enter X-431 PAD III main menu

Select car make “Audi”-> “AUDI Series V28.28 Full system” -> “Guide functions”

Select “Audi A4 2008”-> “2013(D)” -> “Sedan”-> “CADA 2.0I TFSU/ 155kw”

Guided function display

Select “Steering Assistance”-> “Power Steering” -> “G85 steering Angle Sensor, Calibration”

In this program the following test steps will be performed



3.Required Auxiliary Equipment

4.6458 Steering Wheel Level

5.Calibration of G85-Steering Angle Sensor

Note: Connect the battery charger to the vehicle, and switch ignition on

1.Check DTC Memory:

“The DTC memory of the power steering control module –J500- Stores no malfunction requiring a calibration. Do you still want to perform the calibration?”

Click “Yes”

2.DTC Memory Check -J527:

Next, the DTC Memory of the steering column electronic systems control module-J527 will be read and checked

Click “Continue”

DTC memory will be checked, please wait…

Click “Continue”

No malfunctions are stored DTC memory of the steering column electronic systems control module-J527

Click “Continue”

3.Test requirement:

“The following requirement for the calibration of G85-steering angle sensor must be met:

-DTC memory of steering column electronic systems control module-J527 must be erased, only steering angle sensor-G85-, No or incorrect basic setting- malfunction may be stored.

-Control module must be coded correctly

Are these requirement met?”

Click “YES”

Perform Login:

The calibration of the G85-Steering angle sensor follows

Click “Continue”

4.Steering Angle Sensor Initialization:

1.Before calibrating the G85-steering angle sensor, the initialization of the sensor must be performed

2.Start engine

3.To initialize the G85-steering angle sensor, turn the steering wheel approx. 10” to the left, and then back to the center position

4.Check the straight ahead position of the front wheels

Installing steering wheel level:

Install the steering wheel level on steering wheel

Note: It will be OK if you don’t have it, just keep the steering straight ahead

Align the steering wheel to horizontal position using the steering wheel level (6458)

5.Perform calibration:

Before the calibration of the G85- Steering angle sensor can be perform. Different pre-conditions must be met. The related measuring values required for this will be read and displayed in the following

Are the pre-conditions for the calibration met?

Click “Yes”

Now the calibrations procedure will be started

Note: The steering wheel must not be moved during the calibration

The calibration of the steering angle sensor was successfully performed

Press “Continue”

Checking zero position of G85:

In the following the test of the zero position of G85-steering angle sensor will be performed

The zero position of G85-steering angle sensor is OK

Checking G85-initialization:

In the following the initiation of the G85-steering angle sensor will be checked

For this, the respective measuring value block is read

The calibration of G85-steering angle sensor is OK

Calibration of G85:

The calibration of the steering angle sensor- G85- is OK

Calibration test of G85:

Switch ignition off and on again

In the following the full-locks of the steering must be adapted, the relevant program is added to the test plan

Part 2: Check the trouble code and delete it

Select “System selection”-> “Steering assistance”

Read ECU memory

Return to menu

Select “Read DTC”

Read out the DTC info

Select “Clear Fault Code”

Click “Yes” to read DTC

X431 PADIII clear fault on B116854 successfully

B116854 steering angle sensor

Part 3: How to solve C10ACF0 Steering-end stops not learned?

Step 1: press the brake padel

Step 2: Engage gear

Step 3: Turn full anti-clockwise and wait the sound (5-1o second)

Step 4: Turn the steering back to center

Finally, all the trouble have been cleared successfully


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