How to Programe 2021 GMC Terrain Smart Key Programming by Autel IM508

I have GMC Terrain in 2021. I will be programming a brand new smart key for this vehicle using Autel IM508 key programmer and smart keys. I’m going to put the IM508 back into the system via OBD, it should be really quick, really easy, let’s get it.

Next, swipe left and select the “Settings” menu, and connect to Wifi.

Return to the main menu and choose “IMMO” and confirm the Usage Authorization.
Search for and/or select “GM”, then “System Selection”, then “GMC”.

Next, press “Read Immobilizer Password” and “… (CAN) AUTO (SMART)” and “Password Reading”.

Please confirm your WiFi Connection and proceed.

When completed, take note of the code (saved in system until disconnect) and return to “System Selection” Menu.

Choose “Keyless System” then “Keyless System (CAN)” and “Add Smart Key”.

Enter earlier Pin Code or touch the drop menu to find it and select “OK” and confirm.
Select “More Functions”, “Connection Mode” and “Wifi Connection”.
Follow onscreen instructions to power on vehicle and begin security system unlock. Wait 12 minutes to continue…
Once completed, note “Ready for remote#) message. Follow on screen instructions to finish adding remote.

When prompted, press the Start / Stop button once and see if the remote has increased its number to confirm the addition. Select Yes to add more remotes or No to exit, and then test the remote.

To exit, press the start / stop button with and without the brake depressed according to the instructions on the screen. Turn off the ignition, open and close the driver’s door, then press the unlock and lock buttons to sync the remote control.

Test all buttons and functions, quit and quit if successful, or try again until successful.

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