Program Lexus CT200h AKL with Autel IM508 and APB112 Simulator

How to: program Toyota/Lexus AKL (all keys lost) with Autel MaxiIM IM508 and APB112 Key Simulator.

“Lexus CT200h AKL. A little help if you are not familiar with Toyota/Lexus AKL with autel im508 and emulator key.

The steps:

try to read the immo data via obd, if not working take ot the smart box and dump the eep. After that upload to the autel
you will need good net connection
connect the emulator key to the autel usb port the emulator led will be blue (USB-A–> micro usb cable)
make emulator key from the eep dump
DO NOT disconnect the emu from the autel
add key menu the autel asking if you want using the emulator
put the emulator to the start button
after that normal toyota key learning
Always follow the instructions on the screen..”

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