How to Program Benz W204 All Key Lost by AUTEL IM608

This article is about the whole procedure of using Autel MaxiIM IM608 to program 2009 C class w204 when all keys lost:

Let’s put Autel IM608 onto W204 and to start, the following steps are also applicable to W172 W204 W207 all keys lost programming:

Step 1. Put Autel IM608 onto W204 to read car info.

On vehicle -> Vehicle information (Model type, Model chassis, EIS type, Model year)

Before continuing, you are supposed to read carefully the “Precautions for all keys lost (Benz W172 /W204 / W207)”, especially if you are not very familiar with IM608. As you can see, it displays the steps with images,

Step 2. Read EIS data.

Go on selecting “Read EIS data”, then “Begin”, it will pop up a window message ” Please insert the blank key into the IR keyhole on the programmer (Autel IM608), and press OK.

After doing so, a new window pops up” The current key is detected to be invalid, please replace with a legal blank key and press OK”.

Go on, it says “Is there a key password?”, I don’t have it, so I click on “NO”.

I’m getting the code, and I connected it like the picture below: the key into the slot of XP400, the IR emulator is inserted, jump the cable from the electronic steering module.

Step 3. Next is to get password:

It will takes 20 – 420 mins (it takes longer for part vehicles) to collect data and calculate password. Please ensure that the device (IM608) and vehicle battery are stable and sufficient.

One it successfully in computing the password, you will receive a message.

FYI: the password is free if you have a valid subscription on Autel IM608, and this tool comes with 1yr free updates and subscription.

Step 4. Write BE key file

Please insert the blank key into the IR keyhole on the programmer (XP400), and press OK to complete.

I am using the IR emulator to read the data from the electronic module switch and calculate the password via internet.

Step 5. All keys lost procedure completed.

All keys lost completed, I will press OK to check if the new key can be used normally.

I will do as written on the screen.

Step 6. Check if the new key can start the car, yeah, it can work.

That’s wonderful with Autel IM608 and Xhorse BE key.

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