How to perfrom a Dataset Registration on a CNH machine

Sometimes it is necessary that a Dataset Registration is done on the machine after a modified file has been flashed on the ECU.

There are to ways how that can be done.

Option 1 without CNH EST.

After the modified file has been flashed on the machine do not start the engine.
Disconnect the flash tool.
Switch the ignition to the on position. (Do not start the engine)
Leave the ignition in the on postition for at least 20 minutes.
After at least 20 minutes with the ignition switch in the on position you can turn it off.
Start the engine.
If all steps are done correctly the dataset should be registered.

If this option does not reigster the dataset correctly it needs to get done with the CNH EST diagnostic software.

Option 2 with CNH EST.
Connect the machine correctly with the CNH EST Diagnostic Tool.
Click on the Configuration button and there choose Engine Dataset Registration.

In the Dataset registration window click on “Start” and wait until the process is finished, in the status window it whill show you what it is doing.
When the first process is done click on the “Write Security check” button.
When it says that it is finished in the status window you can click on “Exit”.